Is Black a Good Color for Bathrooms?

Is Black a Good Color for Bathroom

The color black is most of the time linked negatively as a symbol of grief, death, mystery, evil, etc.

However, when used and decorated with caution, it can reveal its various positive aspects such as power, elegance, style, strength, and authority.

Black is typically a mysterious color that can evoke strong emotions and the feeling of being overwhelmed and seriousness.

When talking specifically about the bathrooms, black, when used with light combinations, look prestigious, seductive, sexy, strong, and sophisticated.

However, black, when used with clothes and interiors, can also produce a slimming and shrinking effect which sometimes makes the obese person look elegant and a large space shrink in size.

So, if you love the color black and have already planned to buy black-colored accessories for your bathroom, it’s important to get it right.

Problems with Black Color in Bathroom

People who buy elegant and expensive pieces of black bathroom accessories often find it hard to make their overall look good as there are very few colors that match and look good with the color BLACK.

One other problem with painting black color is that the place may look even smaller when stuffed with black pieces.

Especially when you match these pieces with colors like red, purple, blue, brown, violet, etc. can make your place look stuffy, stupid, and uninteresting.

Well, then what’s the solution?

Should you not go with black-colored accessories? Or should you avoid using the color black in your bathroom?

No, not at all.

BLACK is such a lively color that we cannot even think to ignore it while renovating or decorating our bathrooms.

In fact, this is a color you should definitely try adding to your space. Just avoid them using in bulk if you have a small bathroom area.

black bathroom tiles

How to Add Glimmer with Black Color in Bathroom?

Remodeling and renovation of your bathroom is not a fuss unless you plan ahead and install the right amenities matching your space, budget, and taste.

When decorating your bathroom with the color black, discuss with your family and understand their requirements with respect to bathroom improvement.

This is the very first step.

The next step is to look into their desires.

These desires could be the shades of black you want to be painted in your bathroom or the type of coverage you would like to have on the curtains and basins.

This could be as simple as shiny linen or cozy cotton.

1- Toilet & Faucet

While picking a toilet that is black in color, it’s also important to look for the height, size, design, and functioning.

These are the major things that influence your buying decision.

If you are just replacing a new toilet with an old worn-out one, it’s recommended you replace it with the exact same type.

If you do not, you happen to be left with holes inside the old one to deal with.

The size of the faucet is a matter of very own selection as well.

Some people prefer a large swan-necked claw foot faucet that gives a cascading water sound since it pours water into the bath.

Others decide on the little, far more conservative version.

Whatever the type, size, style, finish, or features you select, your toilet and clawfoot faucet is sure to become the finishing touch for your tub and other accessories in your bathroom.

2- Black Shower Curtains

Shower curtains come in many types that are characterized based on use, size, color, design, etc.

Considering the fact that you are looking for black shower curtains, there are ringed shower curtains, hooked shower curtains, hookless shower curtains, etc.

Selection among these depends on personal choice and the architecture of your bathroom.

The next characterization is based on size. You can have short, long, and extra-long shower curtains for your bathrooms.

When installing an extra-long shower curtain, it is very essential to place the rod higher so that the curtain may not create a mess.

The best thing about these bathroom shower curtains is that they help in keeping water from leaking onto the floor.

Also, if you are planning to replace your bathtub or it needs to be refinished, the extra-long black shower curtain will help you in hiding it.

3- Black Floor Matting

It is not uncommon for bathroom floors to get wet and become a walking hazard too soon.

Thus, using black-colored rubber floor mats in your bathroom is a wise thing to do.

Because of the fact that they come in high grip variants, they are efficient in dealing with wet floors in bathrooms.

Not only are these mats elegant in looks, but they are extremely durable as they efficiently withstand the tougher stains and spills.

Plus, you are also benefited from the fact that these rubber floor mats are easy to clean and have lasting age.

4- Floors and Countertops

The reconstituted stone or an engineered stone is used for floors, countertops, bathroom lining, bars, bath areas, and many such places.

The best part about this type of black and white flooring is you can customize these stones, and these can be given the style, texture, and color that you like.

You can choose these things as per your desire, and the manufacturer will provide you with the perfect product.

In terms of the durability of the material, stones such as black granite or marble are a good selection for bench-tops as well.

This is because it is heat, odor, and stain-resistant.

Since this type of granite countertops are so resistant to undesirable natural elements, you only need to clean stains off with a damp cloth or mild detergent.

This means that you don’t need to use harsh, potentially environmentally hazardous cleaning agents for your bathroom.

This ensures the safety of the home environment.

5- Bathroom Lights and Fittings

Lighting your bathroom with designer black-colored lights can provide an enhancing beauty to the light colors of the walls.

These lights are available in plenty of designs and fit a wide variety of budget plans.

Don’t waste your money unless you want extra lavishness and splendor in your bathroom.

Bathroom ceiling spotlights have functional roles to fulfill besides serving as designer pieces.

Thus, in the course of selection, you need to focus as much on geometry & symmetry as that on the cuts of design.

Bathroom fittings are also available from the modest commoner to an extravagant king or prince.

Antique bronze and copper, brass, polished chrome, and nickel are a few of the options on the market.

Just look around and get the best you want to have for your bathroom.

The bathroom fittings you choose should look un-cramped and make you feel spacious.

You can even install a pedestal instead of a vanity if you have space constraints. 

Paint color for a Small Bathroom without Windows

What Color to Paint a Small Bathroom With No Windows?

It might be difficult to choose the ideal paint colors for tiny bathrooms without windows.

Whether the paint you choose will make the place look smaller or darker, or whether it will make it appear larger, brighter, and more open – that’s the real concern for most.

That is why I am here. In this guide, I’ll explain how to choose the best paint color for your small, windowless bathroom.

You could use any of these ten colors in a small, windowless bathroom. Still, you’ll need to consider the other colors and materials in your space as well to enhance the appearance of your little bathroom with almost zero natural light.

So without wasting any more time, let’s tune in.

1. White

It doesn’t matter if you want a modern or a more classic bathroom, white works best.

Cool whites help appear your area feel clean and sleek, whilst off-whites will make your space feel comfortable and give you warmth.

When it comes to bathroom paint colors, you have two options: continue with conventional designs of subdued tones or go for a more trendy style with clean whites and brilliant, vivid colors.

White is all about a clean and crisp appearance and a sense of space.

2. Light Cream

When white is too bright for you, a cream color might be an excellent option.

It’s fine and delicate, and it’s a great canvas for splashes of color if you want to give some blaze in your bathroom with towels and accessories.

Because it reflects natural light and helps to brighten the area, this hue might be a fantastic option for tiny bathrooms with no windows and natural light.

3. Beige 

Bathrooms look wonderful in beige. They may not appear bright or interesting, but they will contribute to your windowless area feeling quiet and restful.

Because they are so similar in tone, like white or cream, beige may bring out natural light in a space.

If you have a high ceiling, consider using this hue only on the lower half of it. It will contribute to the appearance of the place being more open and airy.

4. Taupe

For those who want to warm up their bathroom without going too dark, a white with a touch of taupe might be a fantastic alternative.

It works well in tiny areas, reflecting light while still providing a comfortable feeling due to the taupe undertone.

A white-taupe color can help make a bathroom feel more inviting.

5. Greige

Apparently, “greige” is popular right now, and it has to do with neutral hues that mix grey and beige – hence the name.

It’s a terrific alternative for individuals who want their bathroom to seem more individualized. 

Greige will assist in personalizing your bathroom.

6. Light Yellow

When utilized in tiny bathrooms, yellow might be a touch overbearing. A light yellow hue, on the other hand, would add a joyful and energized tone to the area. 

To compensate for the absence of natural illumination, experiment with various complementary colors to combine with your soft yellow bathroom.

Yellow looks best as an accent color or when combined with other accessory colors.

7. Light Blue

Blue creates a relaxing and calming ambiance in the bathroom. Any windowless bathroom might benefit from a cool blue tint, such as ice blue or turquoise. 

This color will liven up your windowless bathroom because of the blue walls and white vanities.

8. Light Grey 

Gray, like white, is an excellent choice for a modern bathroom. It has depth but does not overpower and might assist in opening up the area surrounding your bathroom.

If you don’t want such a stark difference between the walls and the flooring, light grey works well with almost any design, especially if you go darker in other areas of the space, such as the hardware.

If you want a more conventional aesthetic, mix light greys with other light tones or go deeper.

When used with white hues, it seems larger and brighter. However, sticking to one major hue will prevent you from creating an overpowering impression.

9. Blue-Gray

Another fantastic hue for a small bathroom is blue-gray. It also has some grey in it, which aids in making it feel neutral without being too dark.

Use this hue on at least one wall when you have a light fixture overhead.

You’ll drastically transform the room’s atmosphere while also helping it appear more intriguing.

10. Green-Gray

This color will bring a touch of green without making it appear as if it belongs to a jungle.

It has just enough grey to appear neutral without being overly bright.

Related Questions

How can you make a small bathroom appear larger?

Using a combination of the following ideas, you may create the sense of a larger space.

  • Using large reflecting surfaces, such as over-sized mirrors
  • Using light paint colors like white, off-white, cream, and other bright pastels.
  • Minimizing decor ornaments that take huge space.
  • Gleaming, metallic fixtures
  • Using patterns of little geometric shapes
  • Painting your ceilings white to make them appear higher.

Can I paint the walls in my little, windowless bathroom a dark color?

You may, of course, paint your little bathroom a dark hue as long as you consider the proper colors that assist you in attaining the desired effect.

In a tiny, windowless bathroom, dark paint colors may make a tremendous difference. They contribute to the creation of depth and substance. Thus, they are well worth examining.

When done correctly, your little bathroom may look much larger.

A combination of blue and green or black and grey, for example, might create the idea of greater space rather than visibly shrinking it.

Final Thoughts

A bathroom is one of the primary places where you enter to keep yourself fresh, relaxed, and clean.

Thus, it itself should be a place in your home where elegance, style, and mood match your desires.

When it comes to black bathrooms, most people prefer black color because it never gets out of fashion.

However, when decorating and matching other things with black-colored bathroom accessories, it sometimes becomes a hassle for many.

So, make sure you keep it minimal and consider the space you have in your bathroom.

Also, get an idea of what paint color you should choose or some other important things to consider for your small and windowless bathroom to give it a bigger, brighter, and livelier appearance.

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