How to Choose the Right Paint Colors – The Feng Shui Way

Feng Shui Paint Colors

What is FengShui seems to be the question arising in the minds of many who are not acquainted with this science.

To understand the concept, you should first know that the terms Feng and Shui mean wind and water, respectively.

Feng Shui is a Chinese belief that utilizes positive energy in the lives of human beings.

Spiritual forces are used to transform the negative forces of life into positive forces.

The entire attempt is to make the living environment feel comfortable.

Best Feng Shui Paint Color Chart – for Good Luck

Living RoomBlues, greens, whites, earthy browns, yellows, and neutrals
Entry FoyerLight blues, greens, pinks, light grays, and whites
BedroomLight blues, greens, pink, and peach
Home OfficeLight blues, light grays, whites, earthy browns, yellows, and neutral
BathroomGrays, black, white, and pink
Kitchen & Dining RoomWhites, grays, blacks, blues, earthy browns, yellows, and neutrals

Feng Shui Decorating: Principles to follow

Generally, three conditions determine the FengShui decorating of the home.

They are the position, space distribution among the various articles, and the design of the different things used in the home.

The balance of every object should be well maintained for happiness to exist in the home.

Conflicts and arguments can be avoided with good FengShui decorating ideas.

Try out the various concepts and see the magic it brings to life.

The FengShui belief is based on Ba Gua, which happens to be an 8-sided grid.

The study of the structure may lead to choosing good items for decoration.

How to Choose the Right Paint Colors for Home?

Colors are a strong expression of light, and they impact your feelings.

When it’s about painting your home (Feng Shui Way), different colors are used to represent the five elements of Feng Shui.

These major elements of Feng Shui include Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood, and Water.

They are meant to bring harmony and optimism or differences to your houses.

Just like every home design, the major aim of Feng Shui is to bring positivity and balance to your space.

Apart from accomplishing visual appeal, it also helps in striking a good balance of energy (yin and yang) in your house which helps nourish your relations and life.

1- Fire Element

The fire element of Feng Shui attracts positivity to your career goals and gains you recognition at work.

Balanced fire elements introduce happiness, excitement, adventure, and sexual energy in your house, while too much of it will attract aggression and fights.

Because fire is a strong element, it is best to use it just as a support.

Meaning: Passion and extreme energy

Colors: Bright yellow, pink, purple, orange, and red

2- Water Element

The water element offers refreshing energy of purity, freshness, and peace.

It signifies wealth and richness; this is why mirrors and fountains are used as cures in Feng Shui.

It also attracts calmness and harmony, along with good relationships with one another.

Meaning: Abundance and peace

Colors: Black and blue

3- Wood Element

The wood element brings growth and healing.

What makes it better than the other elements is that even in abundance, it attracts positivity to you.

It is linked with personal and fiscal growth as it helps in strengthening the base of your career.

Meaning: Lushness and vitality

Colors: Green and brown

4- Metal Element

The metal element brings efficacy, peace, and clarity.

A striking balance of these element colors in your space offers clear thinking and low distractions. 

Meaning: Efficiency and clarity

Colors: White and grey

5- Earth Element

The earth element exudes the safety of your health and relationship, stability, and growth.

Using the colors of this element helps in the maintenance of inner peace and better health.

Meaning: Nourishment and balance

Colors: Earthy shades, light yellow, beige

Feng Shui Home Paint Color Options

Feng Shui Color Options for Different Spaces of Your House

Though Feng Shui is complex, the easiest way to pick paint colors for your space is by keeping in mind your intentions.

This simple method gives you better control and flexibility over the color selection in your house to bring good luck and prosperity.

For instance, if you don’t want any distractions in your home and office, you should pick colors of metal elements such as grey and white.

Metal radiates efficacy and clarity, which mixes well with your intention for the area.

Striking a balance between different elements gives you good Feng Shui.

Don’t paint the full room in strong shades, as it may get too overwhelming.

Rather pick colors as per your taste, availability of light in the room as well as the balance of Feng Shui colors with the objects present in the house.

1- Living space

The colors of earth elements are meant to attract nourishment, stability, and patience- something you would like to accomplish in a living area.

Hence, going for light, earthy colors like white and beige will do well as it helps create a comfy and soothing environment for the residents.   

Colors you should ignore:

Black and dark blue shouldn’t be used in your living space as then they would have excess yin energy, which may bring an imbalance of yin-yang unless you complement these colors with the direction face of the room.  

Don’t use red excessively as it may cause anger management problems or random emotional outbursts in the family.

However, you can use a balanced amount of red in the house with low yang energy.

2- Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where you relax and rejuvenate.

Hence, the colors of metal elements work well here. You can enhance the balance by including the earth element. 

While metal attracts peace and clarity, the earth offers stability and growth.

Both include light colors like earthy shades, beige and white, which go well with one another.

Colors you should ignore:

Do not go for too bright or excessively dark colors, as they bring discomfort and negativity.

Married couples shouldn’t use bright pink.

Though pink represents love, its excessive use in the bedroom can lead to the interference of a third party because of the illusory energy it exudes.

3- Kid’s room

It is suggested to pick subtler colors for the children’s room, such as light green or soft blue from water and wood elements.

They support the right growth and effective nourishment through their developmental and serene qualities.

Colors you should ignore:

Use elements wisely in your kid’s room as it impacts their character and mental development.

Don’t go for strong colors like purple, black, or red, as they are extremely aggressive.

4- Bathroom

Bathrooms have a poor Feng Shui repute of radiating bad energy because of their usage.

But, it is also a place where you clean your body and revive your mind.   

You can go for colors of metal and wood elements like light brown and white, which give you a spa-like experience and helps in rejuvenating your body. 

These are common color options as they brighten small areas and simplify maintenance.

Tip: You can include wood elements by adding plants to your bathroom.

Colors you should ignore:

Because water is excessively present in the bathroom, you shouldn’t go for water element colors.

Too much of it might affect your emotion and decision-making procedure.

5- Kitchen

The colors of the wood element, such as green and brown are recommended for your kitchen as they enhance health and add to balanced family life.

Colors you should ignore:

Do not use too many fire elements in your kitchen as fire burns wood in the five elements cycle.

6- Office/study space

The water element is suitable for your office and study room.

Nurture water with metal and use the two-element colors together to attract clarity and abundance of prosperity.

Select light shades of blue if you don’t like dark-colored rooms.

Colors you should ignore:

Don’t use too many fire element colors as they may disturb and impact your thinking procedure.

feng shui home painting

Few Other Tips & Ideas for Feng Shui Home Building Renovation

The main idea behind constructing a Feng Shui house is to transform the negative energy into positive forms.

A proper balance is maintained between the constructive and destructive forces to make the whole layout work properly.

Understanding is required to utilize essential items for the decoration of the home.

Some items can work against the negative forces, and the bad environment in the house can make the residents feel ill and depressed.

Positive forces must be used after studying the concepts of this science.

  • The bed must be away from the door of the bedroom. In any case, the bed must not remain seen from the exterior of the home.
  • Special designing needed to be done with the window in the bedroom
  • The dining area must also not be seen from the outside
  • The ceiling of the home must not show protrusions and beams
  • Two doors of the FengShui house must not be facing one another
  • The stairs must be designed in such a manner that there is no door in front of it
  • The edges of the home must be made rounded rather than sharp to improve the living conditions

Everyone wants to incorporate positive energy in the living area to make their lives successful.

Special care has to be taken that sharp features from the exteriors must not face towards the living room as this is a negative force and should be avoided.

Feng Shui house should never have a toilet above the area where the TV, radio, and other recreational gadgets are placed.

This may hamper the happy feel of the home. Special care has to be taken while designing the bathroom.

  • The bathrooms of this house should be made in hidden areas
  • The entrance of the home must be far from washrooms
  • The living room also must not exhibit the entrance of bathrooms in any way

The Bottom Line

It may not be possible to build homes depending on the recommendation of Feng Shui.

Particularly, the houses built previously were constructed according to a certain plan, and the homeowner can’t change everything in the house following FengShui science.

But if you are planning for a home renovation and painting, it’s good to follow the principles of Feng Shui.

Especially if you believe in it, you should not ignore taking the help of Feng Shui experts to build a good Feng Shui house with all the positive vibes inside.

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