Is Orange Color Good for Your Living Room?

is orange color good for living room

Orange color is a combination of yellow and red. Many times, it is said to be a close relative of the color red.

Even though it is not as fierce as red, it is vibrant and helps in radiating warmth and energy.

Orange is a very powerful color and confers confidence. It also provides goodwill and friendship.

If you are wondering whether the orange paint color is good for your living rooms or not, let me tell you that when used creatively it can stimulate the senses and brings a cheerful mood.

A touch of orange color in your living room brings freshness, enthusiasm, and excitement as well!

Since orange color also makes people feel comfortable and at ease, it’s also considered good for your guests visiting your living area, foyer, entrance hall, or lobby.

Another power of fiery orange paint color is that it makes you more creative than usual.

Also, it improves concentration and productivity.

So, you can use it in your study room or home office as well.

With that said, if you are considering a bedroom with pops of bright orange, it may not be the best option.

You should instead choose a more calming color like peach which is a softer shade of orange.

15 Different Colors That Matches Well with Orange

The three primary colors in painting the inner walls of the rooms are blue, red, and yellow.

When these primary colors are being combined, a series of secondary colors come up.

A mixture of yellow and blue is green, blue and red is purple, and yellow and red is orange.

Again, mixing the primary colors with the secondary ones will give the tertiary shade.

Even if the complementary colors are used, one will find that they belong to the opposite range of the graph.

What I like about “Orange” as a paint color is it’s a warm color and is known to blend with all styles.

To get orange in the living room, you do not need to paint the entire living area with orange color.

You can try it with various other different colors that match well with the orange-colored wall in your living room.

If you are looking for some color ideas to suggest to your painter for a house renovation project, then here are 15 different colors that go well with orange walls.

1- Black

Black gels in well with almost every color.

Of course, orange and black will make you think of a Halloween, but a room with walls painted orange and furniture black can look awesome if you can introduce a third color to it to bring a bold newer look.

2- White

Similar to black, white is also a versatile shade that can easily match orange.

White furniture, drapes, and accessories or an accent wall can perfectly match a room with orange walls.

Going for an orange, along with a white and black theme can make your room mysterious and dramatic.

3- Grey

A neutral shade like grey can easily balance the fiery orange walls.

Teaming grey and orange brings a playful and sophisticated look. You can use different grey shades as well to add depth to your room.

4- Cream

A neutral color like cream can be teamed with orange to get a calm, harmonious look.

Accessories and furniture of cream color will make the room more welcoming than white, they also help in toning down your bright and vibrant orange walls.

5- Brown

Earthy colors like brown also go well with orange walls.

Brown is an enveloping and warm color and when teamed with playful and vibrant orange, it offers a warm and relaxing ambiance.

You can include other neutral shades in your décor.

6- Green

Green also matches well with orange walls.

Be it bright green or olive green, you can use any shade.

If you want to make the room welcoming and autumnal, then you can use brown and green accessories with orange walls.

7- Blue

Orange and blue are complementary shades and work well together.

Blue makes orange shine more.

So, if you are looking for a daring, playful, and bright décor, then add some blue to your orange walls.

8- Red

Orange and red look amazing together if you pick the right tone for each color.

The two fiery shades interact well with each other, but you need to be cautious to avoid overdoing it.

9- Yellow

Yellow and orange when brought together remind you of bright summer, beautiful sunshine, and citrus fruits.

When you use these shades together, it creates a warm and exciting ambiance and looks for your room.

This color combination is recommended for your dining room or kitchen.

10- Violet

If you wish to give your room décor an instant energy boost, then team violet with orange.

The combo looks lively, unique, and contemporary. If you just tone the energy down slightly, then pick a darker violet shade.   

11- Pink

The pink paint color is yet another brilliant option if you want to give a bold, bright and lively appearance to your room.

Pink goes well with orange walls and can be used to decorate the playroom for your kids – it is very cheerful and fun.

12- Gold

Gold accents have similar effects to bronze accents.

If you want to add elegance, charm to your orange walls, then add a mirror with a golden frame or bring a golden lamp in the room.

13- Turquoise

Going for an orange and turquoise décor can fill your room with a whole lot of positives vibes.

You just need to pick the right shade of turquoise to get the sunny look with the orange walls in your room.

14- Bronze

If you want to give your interior a metallic touch, then bronze accents are a great option.

In fact, teaming bronze with orange walls will give your room a sense of peace and energy that you always desire for.

So, if you want an antique look for your room with some energy, then orange and bronze is the best option for you.

15- Orange

Lastly, if you are only fond of orange, then you can simply decorate your room with other tones of orange which will bring an amazing level of contrast and depth to the room.

For instance, you can team your bright two-toned orange walls with mute orange furniture (upholstery, chairs, stools, etc).

These are the 15 colors that you can use with your orange walls to give your room an interesting unique décor and ambiance. 

Final Thoughts

A home is where one finds grace, and there should be enough labor put behind this.

When it comes to living room decor, it is apprehended that there’s nothing much in choosing a color for the living rooms since it is painting the favorite shade on the wall.

But if done so, not all the outcomes can be guaranteed to be special, and leaving it at the hands of the professionals at random might not have anything common with the homeowners.

So, if you are planning for a living room makeover, it’s good to have regular sessions of meeting with the interior designers to decide about the combination of contrasting shades that helps in enhancing the mood of those living within and also who might visit at times.

In the end, if they recommend orange as a primary shade try adding some other variations as well that match the orange color.

Hopefully, you can come up with something better than the professionals.

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